Fire and Ice Party Theme

Exciting Fire and Ice Party Theme to heat up your Corporate Christmas or Private Event and Keep your Drinks Cool. Perfect theming for 18th and 21st Landmark Birthday Party Celebrations

The most important element for a Fire and Ice Theme Party is lighting effects so that when your party guests arrive they are met by an aesthetic orgy of swirling blues, mauve, reds and purple haze to contrast with the stark white of the snow capped volcanoes.

The volcanoes are probably of the verge of erupting waiting to send bright red molten lava leading the way towards the amazing illuminated ice bars and ice furniture. With a mixture of red hot ice sculpture creations and state of the art ice cool lighting you can't fail to have a great party with our fire and ice Northern Lights theming package.

Let us recreate a winter fairyland castle, an ice igloo or perhaps snow hotel. Heat up in our sauna/hot tub chill out area and be waited on hand and foot by our body painted Fiery Hot and Cool Ice Maiden Hostesses. In a corner an Ice Sculptor is carving the finishing touches to your ice bar or vodka luge; spare gloves are available if you wish to try your hand at ice sculpture.

Walk through icicle corridors lit by fire baskets, silk flames or torches to make your way to your flaming reception drinks. You'll know when dinner is ready - it'll be announced as a volcano erupts detonated on cue by our specialist pyrotechnics.

After dinner be entertained by our fire angle jugglers and entertainers, perhaps an arctic snow attack cabaret or an electrifying live band.

Call us now on 0800 08 34 79 3 or email for a Bespoke Corporate or Private Fire & Ice Themed Party Proposal. We have all the props you need.

  • Fire and Ice Red Hot Human Statues
  • Fire and Ice Room Linings and Decor
  • Real Ice Table Centres
  • Fire and Ice Themed Silk Flames

A selection of our Fire & Ice Theme Party props includes:

  • Arctic ice blue and hellish red hot coloured stretch lycra chair covers and matching table linen
  • Table centres created with real ice
  • Floor standing ice pillars
  • Internal marquee ice cave structure fitted with frosty stalactites hanging down from the ceiling
  • Backdrop of a snow covered volcano with the fiery glow of flowing lava
  • Variety of floor standing silk flames
  • Stalagmites
  • Twinkle covered entrance walk
  • Fire props of old style extinguishers, red fire buckets, fireplaces and fire hoses
  • Snow machines, haze machines and snowflake gobos
  • Outstanding lighting effects
  • Ice Blue and Red hot Illuminated Cocktail Bar

A selection of our Fire and Ice Themed Entertainment includes:

Call us now on 0800 08 34 79 3 or email for a Proposal for a Corporate or Private Fire & Ice Party Theme, especially tailored to your brief and budget.