Team Building Management

Team Building Management

At 1 Stop Events we have our own in-house staff who are used to working together on a regular basis to achieve smooth, fun and slick entertainment based team building experiences, especially created for our clients.

We have the advantage of our own workshops run by our skilled craftsmen, where new and innovative team building games are being created on a regular basis. If you are seeking a specific activity, we'll either have it in stock or specially create it, just for you.

When you engage 1 Stop Events to provide your Team Building Activity, we'll work closely with you to produce the most successful event possible. We'll assist you on what information to pass on to your colleagues, especially on what to wear and expect.

All our team building events are more than adequately staffed, we always provide a trained and equipped first aid team (where appropriate) and most of all no-one is ever forced to participate in any team building event if they don't wish to.

If you are looking for an innovative team building activity, not your typical run of the mill team building program, or a good old favourite, we're just the ticket.

we love a challenge!