Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Or Champagne Or Whiskey Or Beer Or Desert Wine Or Port or Cocktail

Our team of lively experts have many years of experience in their field and are strongly aware that entertainment stems from humour, participation and a convivial atmosphere.

Our Fun Wine Tasting includes:

  • Guess the Grapes - match the grape variety to the wine in your glass.
  • Guess the Country - six wines from different countries, but which is which?
  • Guess New World or Old World - the whodunit of wine tasting.
  • Guess the Cost - could you tell the difference between a £3, £30 or £300 bottle of wine?

Classic Wine tasting
Our most popular activity is an introduction into the seemingly obscure world of wine. Lead by our jovial expert teams learn the techniques of tasting, and armed with new knowledge and resources, guess the grape variety and detail of the range of wines they taste with surprising accuracy! Blind Wine tasting is an excellent team bonding tool.

Call My Wine Bluff
Equally as informal as our Blind Wine Tasting package, Call my Wine Bluff sees our team of experts in turn describing the characteristics of the wine and naming the grape in question. You may choose by the accuracy of depiction or the determination of our expert, but can you see past the convincing bluffers and distinguish your Shiraz from your Sauvignon? It really is a question of trust versus taste…

Champagne tasting
Vintage? Non-Vintage? Not even Champagne perhaps? A chance to up the anti and delve into the world of the premium tipple of the rich and famous, colour, texture and mousse; by the end of the tasting you'll certainly know what you like, know more than most, and we guarantee surprising results!

Malt Whiskey tasting
Highlands and Islands. A true heritage distilled for thousands of years and little changed, few realise or appreciate the extent of malt Whiskey production and the huge disparity of flavour and range available. Great for Promotions and Exhibitions to draw the crowds, interest in Whiskey is astonishingly high, and from the coarse and gravely to the smooth and soft, there is a flavour to suit all palates.

Ale tasting
What wine is to the French ale should be to the English. Our astonishing brewing history and range of flavours and processes ranging from pure honey to old leather has to be seen to be believed. Why not add some cheese tasting to this event to enhance the know-how and match the favours?

Desert Wine tasting
Little known and little consumed, try something different with an understanding of the strange yet addictive desert wines. Perfect post-dinner to get everyone's attention, and as an alternative to port to suit your clienteles' tastes.

Port tasting
Superb after dinner treat, learn your Ruby's from your Tawny's, or your crusted from your character. Allow dinner to settle the way it should be, over a comforting port and fine company

Matching Food and Wine
At private venues, or your choice of venue using their own wine list, indulge in a little food and wine matching. Getting the coupling right is vital to compliment the flavours, and our experts will advise on wine to match any meal from cheese to Chinese.

Unusual Venues
Why not create the atmosphere to enhance the activity and give an exceptional feel by choosing an unusual complimentary venue. Cruise the Thames while tasting on the deck in summer, or in a vineyard itself if budget allows.