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Stunt Action Workshop

Cowboy, Mission Impossible, Matrix or Fighting Knights Stunt Actoin

Our Stunt Performers are a unique group who has specialised in live stunt action performances for many years. 1 Stop Events can personalise your workshops to include live action fights, unarmed combat, hand gun training, theming and filming.

Our stunt actors will bring the thrills of current movies to life - right in front of your eyes. Briefings will give insight into some of the tricks of the trade, training and end with performances by you and your colleagues.

Whatever the objective of your brief, team building, corporate day out or training sessions, our stunt action workshops are always fun, exhilarating, educational, different and memorable.

We can supply:

  • Trained stunt acting Instructors
  • Floor mats, protective gloves and ear defenders
  • Blank firing 8ml Berettas and blank ammunition
  • Firearms training - Western revolvers, snub nose Colt 38, semi-automatics
  • Western and film theme props
  • Photography and video recording
  • Edited DVD of your own stunt action

About our Stunt Action Workshop

Your group would be met by one of our instructors. The briefing might be interrupted perhaps by a couple of unruly cowboy ranch hands and an all action fight will break out in front of you. Our Instructors will then introduce themselves, show you how it's all done and choreograph your own Cowboy, SAS, 007 or Matrix action, complete with smashing bottles.

Call us now on 01344 752161 or email wow@1stop-events.co.uk