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Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz

It's time to discard the high tech pub game machine, grab a pen, form a team and join in one of our 'traditional' Pub Quiz activities.

Each of our collections of questions will be bespoke to your event. We can make them as easy, silly, pictorial or tough as you require.

Have you experienced the Surprise Waiter Quiz Master? No! This is the latest laugh on the pub quiz circuit. Having served you drinks and drinner through the beginning of your evening, he announces in a very thick foreign accent (as he comes from a far away country and barely speaks English) that unfortunately the Quiz Master has not turned up but he will do his best. Our Comedic Surprise Quiz Masters are the most proficient professional comedians on the party scene and will have your guests howling with laughter as well as entertained with a professional run quiz.

Our quiz options are:

  • Traditional
  • Top Keith Lemon Impersonator
  • Surprise Waiters
  • Austin Powers 60's theme - or any other party theme
  • Bespoke packages
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