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Office Family Fortunes

Office Family Fortunes

Our Office Family Fortunes team building activity is enormous fun. Either use our questions "a survey was carried out on 100 people" or create your own with your work colleagues. We can set up the stage set in your very own office, hotel venue or wherever required. We will supply:

  • Office Family Fortune stage set
  • 2 x Family lecterns
  • Full PA sound system
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Sound and visual effects
  • Show Host

Office Family Fortunes - The Game

For two teams of up to 6 "family members". The contestants will be asked a question. For every answer that matches our survey they will receive points, dependent upon how popular the answer is. If the answer does not appear on our survey one you will see a large 'X' on the screen accompanied by its sound effect.

The team who has the most points at the end of the game then go on to select one of their family members to play the final round.

The number of rounds can be dependent on the time you have available.

This is also excellent Christmas Party Entertainment.

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