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Motorised Activities

Motorised Activities

4 x 4 Off Road Driving:
Each guest will be given expert tuition on how to drive and control a Camel Trophy Landrover. A challenging course is used that incorporates inclines, descents, water splashes and lots of mud

Argocats are six or eight wheeled vehicles designed to go almost anywhere. Their small size makes them highly manoeuvrable and fun to drive, whilst their skid steer control system adds a challenge to this unusual activity.

Our Argocats gobble up rough terrain and have brake steer controls which are easily mastered. Our instructors will mark out the course which your delegates have to negotiate and compete on.

Powerturn Driving:
These single and twin seater Powerturn Off Road Buggies are powered by two 195 cc engines, each controlled by a lever at each side of the driver. A pair of wheels sits at the front and back of the vehicle for stability.

The vehicle is capable of incredible 360 degree turns, dramatic wheelies and impressive acceleration.

Quad Bikes:
Drive these amazing 250 cc four wheeled all terrain motorbikes around a challenging obstacle course incorporating limbo bars and tight corners. The competitors are scored depending on their driving ability and skill.

Reverse Steer Snooker:
This converted Jeep provides one of the funniest activities you'll ever experience. The objective is to drive the car through a series of snooker ball coloured gates accumulating the highest break possible along the way.

The problem is when the car is steered left it will go right and throw a couple of blindfolds in - the result is hilarious!

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