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Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible Stunt Training

Our stunt performers have staged live action stunt performances for more than 20 years - although you wouldn't believe it to look at them! They are totally unique, trained, professional and currently the only team of this kind in the UK.

As well as Team Building, our professional stunt teams are constantly in demand for promotional launches, corporate, social, private and special events - not just in the UK but all over Europe.

Our Tom Cruise lookalike with his Mission Impossible team will bring the thrills of TV and movie action adventure to life by way of a bespoke package especially tailor made for your event.

Unarmed Combat

Let us show you just how 'they do that'. After induction and warm exercises we'll instruct and team you and your group how to perform realistic combat through camera awareness; both safe and realistic at the same time. We'll take your team building group through at least 8 different types of basic action to build your own action stunt move. We'll even supply the sugar bottles for you to small over your colleagues' heads!

Hand Guns

We have specially adapted firearms to shoot blanks in the most realistic way. We'll show you how to handle and fire pistols, revolvers and semi-automatics.

Stunt Action Filming

Why not put your whole Mission Impossible stunt team build action to film, filmed and edited by our own camera crew? We'll capture your stunt action day's experience from arrivals, through training, finishing with a specially choreographed action special.

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