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Millionaire's Auction

Millionaire's Auction

The perfect after dinner team building experience for people who are something in the City!

Enter our especially themed "Suvverbys" Auction Room for a thrilling night's entertainment of Millionaire's Auction.

Each person will be given £1m to spend and can work individually, within a team or as part of a table group. The idea is to pool the money, bid on prestige items and pick up bargains. At the end of the event, the team which has amassed the highest assets will be the winner.

Items can be a Ferrari, Golf Course, Yacht, Lose Diamond, Private Jet or perhaps an apartment in Park Lane or Monte Carlo.

We'll display the auction items on a large screen, with some displayed in their own cases. At the end of the auction the true value of the lots will be revealed as will the real millionaires!

Our standard package includes:

  • Auctioneer with Gavel and Lectern
  • Auction lots, pictures and information
  • Auction House Staff in Uniform
  • Plasma Screens and large screens to view the auction lots
  • Full PA and lighting systems
  • Fun Auction Money (which can be personalised to your Company Name and Logo)
  • Champagne Prize

Our Millionaire's Auction is an exciting team building activity which can also be excellent Christmas Party Entertainment.

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