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Generation Game

Generation Game

Hilarious Team Building Activity based on TV's Popular Generation Game Show. This game does exactly what it says on the box.

Our standard package includes:

  • Host and Compère
  • Plasma Screens and large screens to view the team building action and fun
  • Full PA and lighting systems
  • Challenges, materials and support equipment
  • Staff

Our General Game Activity Challenges include:

  • Bits n Pieces - like the popular radio competition short snippets of music will be played for the teams to recognise and write down the titles and artists at high speed

  • Create a Giraffe - each team will be given newspaper and sticky tape and must use their initiative to create the tallest free standing giraffe possible

  • TV Theme Tunes - 15 - 1 style

  • Touchy Feely - one member from each team will try his or her best to guess the items contained within a box.

  • Fashion Week 2050 - each team will be given a variety of materials to design and create a futuristic new fashion item for the catwalk for the year 2050.

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