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Film Days

Film Days

Imagine you and your team enjoying the day making a blockbuster movie! You have planned your script, but what about the costumes and props, production budgets and who is going to take on what role and job? You have to get going because your movie is going to be edited and shown at your company Oscar Awards film premier tonight!

If you can get it right, your team may walk away with the Oscar for best movie. Maybe one of your actors or actresses will walk off with the best actor/actress Oscar. Maybe your team will win Best Film?

This is one of our favourite team building activities and we have it honed down to a fine art. To see your team's collectively having a fantastic time, working together as a team and laughing with each other whilst doing so, is a great achievement.

How does it work?

Each team takes on the role of a film unit. We'll give you everything you need to become the next Stephen Spielberg. You'll need actors as well as film crew. On the day it'll all be down to you and your team to decide on who does what.

We'll supply each team with a state of the art broadcast quality digital video camera and show you how to make a movie. We also bring our own "on site" professional film crew and editing unit.

At the end of the day, whilst you all relax, we'll be editing your master pieces together with our hi-tech editing equipment. Each team can elect a Producer to sit in with our editor and explain to him how they want certain aspects of their film edited, what sound effects they would like dubbed on, theme music and titles, etc.

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