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Drumming Workshops

Drumming Workshops - Corporate Rhythm

1 Stop Events constantly strive to deliver high quality corporate team building and entertainment. With our unique fun, yet deeply effective drumming and rhythm workshops, we instantly unite groups of people and give a powerful musical experience of spontaneous harmony to support positive growth in business.

Our Drum Circle events are unique due to the fact that the results are immediate and organic. There are no lectures, no formal lessons; all of the learning and understanding is discovered by the participants, without effort or even the realisation that they are learning at all!

WARNING: We do not take any responsibility for the discovery of hidden talents.

Through Drumming Workshops Delegates will discover

  • Pounding Surdo's of Brazil
  • Exotic Klong Yaw's from Thailand
  • Doumbeks from ancient Egypt
  • Bright coloured frame drums from Europe
  • Ashiko's from the jungles of Africa and many more

Our drum facilitators have all worked professionally worldwide as performers/educators and are trained in all areas of drumming. They fully understand the needs of today's businesses, and enjoy the thrill of being able to make such a difference to so many people in this way.

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