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Cycling Challenge

Cycling Challenge - Treasure Trail Activity

Don't think this is a gentle ride in the park - far from it. This Cycling Treasure Trail is designed to make you work as a Team!

We will put a bespoke team building Cycling Challenge Trail together encompassing local beautiful scenery, villages and a map for you to find your way. We start with a briefing of how the team building activity will work, finding clues, point scoring system and issue a Clue Pak to each team. Teams can be as small or large as you wish to suit your brief.

It is not always the first team back that wins as there are many elements to the challenge and our Instructor's word is final. If you have members with injuries or who wish not to cycle we can still incorporate them into the event so everyone takes part and each person is a valuable member of a team.

As well as a bespoke Treasure Trail written especially for your location, we will provide you with:

  • Clue Pack in waterproof bag
  • Map and camera
  • Coordination and management of your event
  • High quality mountain bikes and safety helmets
  • A prize for the winning teams - including a Yellow Jersey
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