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Bushcraft - Back to Nature

  • Want to take your team out of their comfort zone?
  • Want to push your team build experience to the extreme?
  • Want to see your teams work and survive together?

Survival Techniques

Then the 1 Stop Events Bushcraft Experience will teach your groups how to survive and thrive in the "wilderness". Watch your teams work hard, communicate and develop as they progress along a journey of discovery acquiring new skills, completing challenges and learning about each other in this back to basics team building activity.

Free from the stresses of civilisation, relying entirely on nature, this is a great way to get out of the office and build relationships in a memorable and highly informative outdoors way.

We'll instruct your delegates how to:

  • Explore the extraordinary uses of plants for food, medicine and other utility
  • Learn how conventional roof designs form the basis of all natural shelters
  • Ignite an 'Indian Fire' firelay, used by billions of people on all continents to cook their food
  • Spit roast beef with paprika and cayenne skewered on a hand made hazel pole frame
  • Find your way without a map or a compass. Useful in unfamiliar cities!
  • Find water and wild foods
  • Develop self awareness, explore senses and discover how resourceful you are

Bushcraft Icebreakers

We'll confront your delegates with an array of equipment, from which your bushcraft survival team groups must select only the most useful pieces of kit for their time in the bush; a great way for delegates to start to get to know each other!

Bushcraft Signalling and Communication

We will use a series of scenarios to demonstrate the need for clear and precise communication and techniques to be used to signal distress situations. Who will end up with a friendly cheerie hallo wave from the pilot and who will be airlifted to safety?

Shelter, Fire and Cooking

In cold climates fire can make the difference between life and death! Your team build delegates will be shown different fire and lighting techniques before competing head to head to be the first team ready to cook their lunch.

We have a large choice of packages available as well as tailored activities to suit groups of all ages.

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