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Archery and Crossbow

Archery and Crossbow

Both Archery and Crossbow are not only excellent activities, which can be incorporated within your regular Team Building Games, but they can also be themed, for example Medieval and Western, to create exciting competitions.

Our experienced Archery or Crossbow Instructors will take your guests/delegates through a series of practice sessions and lead them through scored competition rounds.

Even novices thoroughly enjoy these sports as our professional team building instructors are brilliant at tuition and encouragement. We'll ensure that all your participants enjoy these traditional sports and have a great fun time.

Clay Pigeon and Laser Shooting

All of our instructors are qualified professionals who help guests to exceed their expectations. A CPSA qualified instruction will take your team through the basics of shooting Clay Pigeons. Guns, cartridges, clays and safely equipment are all included in our packages.

We offer laser shooting as well as traditional clay. Our specially adapted guns fire beams of infra-red light at reflective clay pigeons. All scores are kept on our electronic scoreboard.

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