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Private Party Planner
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

We often receive calls to ask if we get involved with, or can we help with, advice on planning a private party. The answer is always 'yes' and although our background is mostly corporate events, we also enjoy the small and not so small private parties. Whilst we've been producing successful…

Themed Table Centres
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Very often your themed table centres are the focus of attention and can draw your guests immediately into the party mood. Imagine walking into a small function room for 100 guests and seeing 10 perfectly matching themed table centres, or a huge corporate event/private wedding for 1,000 and seeing a theme…

Western Party Planning
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

No matter what age you are, a Cowboy and Indian Party always goes down well and can be held in most venues and homes. So, the first think to think about is what month you are holding your event, how many guests you would like to host, what entertainment are you…

Themes Especially For Children's Parties
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Most adult themes can be adapted for a children's party, whether it's a birthday, Christening, naming, Halloween or Prom. All that's needed is the magical imagination of children and to think out of the box - with our help! Children always have their favourite themes and we find the current popular…

Party Themes For Kids
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

The essence of being a child is the ease of ability to dress up in costume to play characters seen on the TV or Silver Screen Cinema and act out fantasies with limitless imagination. No children's birthday party celebration need every be boring when planned by . From a creative hat or bunny outfit…

Professional Entertainment Agent
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Once upon a time the only way to secure entertainers, bands, DJ's and cabaret acts was through an agent. Nowadays everyone has access to the Internet but not everyone has access to the most appropriate professional performers for their events. Here at nothing replaces old fashioned honed skills built up…

Private Party Venue Search
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

You've decided to throw a Private Party and the first decision is where to hold your event. If it's going to be at your home, or a marquee at your home, you'll need to check that you have access for suppliers and their vehicles, ie Caterers, DJ, Portable Loos, plus sufficient…

Party Ideas
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Generally there are only two restrictions to Party Ideas - Imagination and Budget! Any occasion, excuse or reason is sufficient to throw a party. From its simplest form from a few guests for nibbles and drinks at your home to hiring a venue, completely theming it with props and having a…

Party Theme Ideas
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Thinking of throwing a party for a celebratory occasion? Wondering if a party theme would be a good idea? Of course it will - it'll give your guests a chance to dress up in fancy dress and support your party in style. Additionally, the props and dress to impress code will make…

Dress To Impress With The Perfect Birthday Party Theme
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

A birthday party theme is an excellent opportunity to style your costume and be as dramatic as you wish to dress to impress. Throwing a themed birthday party? No matter what age the birthday celebration is for - a child, sweet 16, coming of age 18, key to the door 21,…

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