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Private Party Planner
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

We often receive calls to ask if we get involved with, or can we help with, advice on planning a private party. The answer is always 'yes' and although our background is mostly corporate events, we also enjoy the small and not so small private parties. Whilst we've been producing successful…

Key Of The Door Celebrations
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Celebrate in style with the expertise of and impress your guests. Many 18th and 21st Birthday Parties are themed; the most popular party themes at the moment being Safari and Cirque du Soleil style circus performances. Invite your family and friends to your special Key of the Door Party with loads…

Entertainment Agency
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

The benefits of using an established, reputable Entertainment Agency are encompassed in peace of mind. Of course it's your prerogative to trawl the internet but this could take precious time and you might not have the umbrella of a bone fide contract with your artiste. Often the cheapest route can turn…

Party Planning Guide
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Wouldn't it be marvellous if there was the ultimate Party Planning Guide? However, each and every event is completely unique, so much so, that even in the unlikely event that two identical events are held at the same venue, on similar dates, with the same guests attending, room dressing duplicated, professional…

Planning Your Christmas Party
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

It's never too early to start planning your Christmas Party, especially if you are organising a Corporate Xmas Party and are looking to hold it on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday in December. Venues, hotels and Join-a-Parties generally get booked up pretty quickly for these key dates. Additionally, especially if you…

Red Carpet VIP Party Planning
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Usually there are only two restrictions to planning an event; budget and imagination but generally neither of these apply to planning a Red Carpet VIP Party. Step 1 - Engage as your event planner. Without exception we aim our standards and service levels above excellence and our clients' expectations. Step 2…

Party Supplies
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Whether you are hosting a private party or organising a corporate event, you will need to source party supplies. These start off with the check list, through to invitations, through to organising the venue, and every element that you will need through your event to make your party the very best…

Dress To Impress With The Perfect Birthday Party Theme
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

A birthday party theme is an excellent opportunity to style your costume and be as dramatic as you wish to dress to impress. Throwing a themed birthday party? No matter what age the birthday celebration is for - a child, sweet 16, coming of age 18, key to the door 21,…

Corporate Entertainment Ideas
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Corporate Entertainment isn't just for an Awards or Gala Night it can also for Team Building, Sales Training, Corporate Family Fun Days and many other elements of a successful conference or corporate event. Conferences We can provide your Motivational Speaker, Compere, Video Presentation and of course sound, light and the stage set.…

Fancy Dress Themes
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

The great thing about choosing a theme for your party is that it lends itself to encouraging guests to dress up in fancy dress costumes. Your guests may have a shy response to a fancy dress invitation but you'll be amazed at who turns up as what and with whom. The most…

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