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Hosting Your Conference In A Country Hotel
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Have your own Downton Abbey experience by holding your next conference in an atmospheric Country Hotel. It might well be that you may have exclusive use for your residential or non-residential conference - no other guests other than your own group - or perhaps a private wing of the hotel or…

Professional Conference Organisers
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Everyone has their own set of Life Skills and whilst many are blessed with inherent organisational abilities there are those who are not, or possibly just need a little help or don't have the time. PCO's (professional conference organisers) are available world wide to give advice on a professional level on…

Event Management Tips
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Sometimes in a situation, common sense is obvious but it has to be pointed out and you literally think 'derh'! It's the same planning an event. You can have a check list, use a wipe board, latest software, go through your proceedings multiple times with your team, but there's always going…

European & International Conference Venues
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

If you are based in the UK and would like a conference venue with guaranteed sun, sailing, ski conditions or international conference facilities, then use a Professional Venue Serch Finder to locate your perfect venue. With years of experience working in Europe and the rest of the World we have first…

Event Management Companies
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

If you Google 'Event Management UK' did you know you get a choice of approximately 246 million to choose from? So where do you start? You already did! Thank you for finding 1 Stop Events - your all round One Stop Event Shop. As we event manage and produce events 24/7 take…

Team Building Ideas
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

At one time when Management spoke about Team Building the immediate image conjured up by delegates was of a Treasure Hunt, Inflatable Challenges or at best time off from the office. These days the only limitation is lack of imagination. Team Building Activities may be organised at your offices, inside or…

Corporate Events Services
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

The most popular Corporate Event Services, but not limited to, are: Venue Search - UK, Rest of Europe and Worldwide Conference Production - from a projector and screen to full bells and whistles Project Management Exhibitions Meetings -In-house and External Team Building Activities & Challenges Gala Dinners Product Launches Family Fun Days Corporate Hospitality Award Nights Christmas and Themed Parties Entertainment Technical Support Photography When you…

Corporate Events Ideas
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Here at we offer specialised bespoke event production services to Corporates within the UK, rest of Europe and across the Globe. Being Corporate Event Professionals, we can guarantee each and every event you are involved in with our association will be successful, achieve goals, meet targets, not exceed budgets and,…

Corporate Events
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

What is a Corporate Event? It's any event that's organised by a company or organisation that is either within their own offices or held offsite. Meetings - We're often asked to arrange offsites for meetings of a variety of sizes.  They can be for under 10 delegates, up to 50…

Your Conference Success Depends On The Venue You Choose
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

You've been tasked with producing a conference for your colleagues and whilst you have run them before and probably have favourite venues, it's so important to choose just the correct one for each separate event's requirements. If your off-site conferences are repetitive, then you know approximately how many delegates you are…

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