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Steampunk Party Theme

We have fused the 19th century Victorian period with gothic and the futuristic ideas of HG Wells Time Machine and the Wild, Wild West where steam power rules. Offering powerful exciting performers, unbelievable costumes and room dressing you are guaranteed a party experience you will never forget.

Mixing horror, fiction, fantasy and alternative history - enter a surreal party experience.

A Selection of Our Steampunk Party Theme Props

  • Steam powered machinery
  • Time machines including giant time clock cogs
  • Subterranean cave room dressing
  • Room decor/room linings
  • Hazers and smoke effects
  • Industrial equipment from yesteryear
  • Ray guns
  • Pop up stage caravan
  • Wooden barrels and crates
  • Coils of rope
  • Victorian style wrought iron look full sized illuminated street lamps
  • Stretch sedan chair
  • Da Vinci style Ornithopter Flying Machine
  • Feature backdrops
  • Lighting and Sound Effects
  • Eccentric Victorian DJ booth

A Selection of our Steampunk Themed Party Entertainment

  • Bizarre Host / Ringmaster
  • Body Painted Hostesses - mingling around serving drinks
  • Walkabout characters wearing bowler hats and tailcoats, equipped with an arsenal of exotic weaponry and gadgetry
  • Deep sea divers with their stunning meal helmets
  • Killer Clowns
  • UV Face and Body painter artistes
  • Dwarves
  • Human Statues,
  • Gentlemen Chimps
  • Fire Entertainers
  • Circus musicians
  • Jugglers and Contortionists
  • Magic illusionists
  • Burlesque
  • Acrobalance and Aerialist performers
  • Quirky DJ set with Avant garde DJ's

Call us now on 01344 752161 or request a Free Proposal for your Steampunk party theme

Call us now on 01344 752161 or email wow@1stop-events.co.uk