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Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Theme

We'll bring you a guaranteed successful party treasure trove of pirate theme fun, decorations and entertainment.

If you like, we can supply a skeleton pirate army direct from the Flying Dutchman to invade your pirate themed party and engage in heart stopping swash buckling pirate sword fights with the Kings Army and Captain Jack Sparrow. Be prepared to broadside with Davy Jones and his ramshackle crew and sail to the World's End and other adventures.

Are you ready to board the Black Pearl for Pillage, Plunder, Broadside and sword fight? Are you ready for romance, humour and be taken to places you've never been before? Then we have just the right monster of a pirate theme for you.

If your venue height permits, we can build a tall ship, arrange for abseiling stunt action pirates to attempt to board your ship or rescue the hero and heroine.

A Selection of Our Pirates of the Caribbean Party Theme Props

  • Desert Island beach hut entrance
  • Ship stage set with gang plank
  • Theme backdrops
  • Illuminated treasure chest table centres
  • Galleon Ships with rigging
  • Whisky barrels
  • Fishing nets
  • Canons and canon ball clusters
  • Palm trees
  • Ships Wheel
  • Rowing boats
  • Lobster posts
  • Crocodile swamps

A Selection of our Pirates of the Caribbean Themed Party Entertainment

  • Lookalikes - Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan, Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa
  • Parrots, Monkeys and other exotic REAL Animals
  • Swimming Mermaids
  • Fun casino tables run by our fun dealers in costume
  • Dancers
  • Ocean theme characters
  • Green Screen Photography
  • Skeleton pirate army on foot or on stilts
  • Mermaids
  • Stunt actors
  • Pick pocket magicians
  • Accordionists playing sea shanties
  • Snake and belly dancers
  • Steel bands and limbo dancing
  • Ice sculpture/vodka luge

Call us now on 01344 752161 or request a Free Proposal for your Pirates of the Caribbean party theme

Call us now on 01344 752161 or email wow@1stop-events.co.uk