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Night At The Museum

Night At The Museum Party Theme

Don't be a Dum Dum - Have some Fun Fun

Be met by our MC - Kahmunrah (the character hilariously played by Hank Azaria) who will guide you through history as it comes to life.

Walk by a Giant Statue of Abe Lincoln and admire our many Museum Exhibits. Looking for fire (but of course all public places have a smoking ban) are our mix and mingle Neanderthals. Walk through battling cowboys and Roman armies being careful to hang on to your keys and valuables - our mix and mingle Capuchin Monkeys will try to take them off you!

A Selection of Our Night At The Museum Party Theme Props

  • Unique occasional illuminated seating and occasional furniture creations which really do flow in the dark
  • Easter Island Head Entrance
  • Egyptian Chamber of Artefacts
  • The Golden Tablet
  • Exhibits - some on plinths
  • Various Smithsonian Institute Themed Backdrops
  • Special lighting and sound effects
  • Animatronics

A Selection of our Night At The Museum Themed Party Entertainment

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