Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Party Theme

Our humorous Comedy Packages are bespoke for each client, their guest numbers and of course budget. We work hard to make our Theme Parties totally enjoyable and different from the run of the mill. Our events are always scripted with a high element of comedy.

We will work closely with you to write a story line that will ensure audience participation by your work colleagues and party guests alike. You have the choice to watch the fun unravel and/or have some of your colleagues participate as characters.

The audience is encouraged to interrogate suspects, write down their thoughts and work out who dunnit, how and why. We can perform from a range of scenarios all designed to get your guests participating, booing and hissing at the villains and applauding the heroes.

Enjoy your evening watching the bickering between the hotel staff and guests. They will all eventually depart but who will it be in the body bag?

A Selection of Our Murder Mystery Party Theme Props

  • Crime scene
  • Eerie thunder, lightning special sound and lighting effects
  • Country mansion furniture
  • Old fashioned gramophone player, typewriter and selection of travel trunks
  • Choice of themes, ie Egyptology, 1920's, Reading of the Will, The Auction, The Poisoned Chalice
  • Personalised scripts and clues
  • Dead bodies
  • Personalised winner's certificates
  • Elaborate floor standing and table silver candelabra
  • Full PA system

A Selection of our Murder Mystery Themed Party Entertainment

  • Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau LookaLike
  • Classic style human statues
  • Fun Casino Tables
  • 7' Tall Lurch the Butler
  • Cabaret Cocktail Barmen
  • DJ and Live Dance Band