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Medieval / Fighting Knights

Medieval Party Theme

Step through the Medieval Portcullis and back to the days of castles, fighting knights in shining armour, fair maidens in distress needing rescuing and wandering minstrels.

Walk passed the large white steed, waiting for his joisting master, and make your way to the Medieval castle entrance through columns of medieval knights. As you enter the castle corridor allow your eyes to adjust to the dim lighting flickering from the flames and torches. Fair maidens will lead the way to your banquet.

Medieval pennants and shields with Coats of Arms hang from the walls, and the stage is set in front of the battlements silhouetted against the sunset.

Guests are seated at trestle tables, served by wenches and surfs, a fine medieval meal served on wooden bowls. Watch spectacular shows of medieval fighting knights, fire entertainers and knife juggling and then join in the singing with our bawdy minstrel players.

We can provide a full assortment of medieval costumes, including Knights, Court Jesters, full Ball Gowns for ladies of the court, the Evil Bishop in full array and of course headdresses and long curly wigs. And as many swords for the big kids as for the small ones!

A Selection of Our Medieval Party Theme Props

  • Silk Flame Burners and Real Gas Burners
  • Castle Walls, Turrets, Entrance and Portcullis
  • Hanging Shields, Coats of Arms, Braveheart Swords and Pennants
  • Jousting Horse
  • Suits of Armour
  • Selection of backdrops
  • Ye Old Vodka Ice Sculpture with Coat of Arms
  • Medieval Cannon - can fire party confetti
  • Wooden Wagons
  • Water features
  • Medieval Stocks and Pillories
  • Bespoke Theme Mobile Bars
  • Hanging Gallows
  • Golden Throwns
  • Selection of Innovative Table Centres

A Selection of our Medieval Themed Party Entertainment

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Call us now on 01344 752161 or email wow@1stop-events.co.uk