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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell Party Theme

Wander through the pearly gates and step into the realms of Heaven where all is relaxing and peaceful.

Follow the heavenly sounds of a harp to the angels who will be serving ambrosia. All around you will see small clouds scudding around amongst the motionless white Gods and Goddesses, which stand watching over you as you settle into your party.

After dinner in Heaven, the atmosphere will begin to hot up and in one sudden movement you will be plummeted to the depths of the underworld as one Hell of a Party gets going!

The presence in the centre of stage will now change to be a more physical being as a moving, talking face is projected in red onto an 8ft tall white Devil's head with horns. In front of this our red hot devil of a DJ will switch from playing sweet and gentle Heavenly angel harpist music, to up tempo dance classics and will get your party rocking in a Hellish Style.

A Selection of Our Heaven and Hell Party Theme Props

  • Pearly gates entrance way
  • Stone pillars with trellis
  • Large statues on plinths
  • Large white feathery wings
  • Large mirror balls
  • Grim Reaper
  • Virgin voile draping
  • Cauldron party prop with dry ice effects
  • Hellish lighting
  • Tall white glowing head
  • Silk flame burners
  • Uplighters with red, orange and blue gels
  • Sound and lighting effects
  • Illuminated Cocktail Bar with colours to match Heaven and Hell

A Selection of our Heaven and Hell Themed Party Entertainment

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