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Halloween Party Theme

The best ever scary package - YouTube Video

October 31st is the date when supernatural dead souls visit the earth making blood curdling sounds, things go bump in the night and the living celebrate in creepy style. Let us pay homage to your favourite paranormal films by recreating Amityville Horror, The Body Snatchers, Chainsaw Massacre, Frankenstein, Friday 13th, Ghost Busters, Psycho, Rocky Horror Show, Scream or Shaun of the Dead for this popular seasonal theme.

Walk through the ivy covered iron gates to the fog bound tombs and headstones in the graveyard where zombies, guardian angels and gargoyles line the route. Which ones are Halloween party themed props and which are the human statues or the undead?

Be prepared to be frightened out of your skin and don't forget to watch your back for the Grim Reaper, with glowing red eyes, lurking in the shadows.

As the creaky dining room door of the haunted mansion is pulled open by Lurch, you'll see that the function room is dressed in funereal black, black chair covers, black tablecloths and black napkins. The room, lit only with flickering candlelight, is covered in cobwebs and the eerie sounds of lost souls.

Dusty candelabra covered in dripping wax, mini cauldrons and mini coffins are used as your Halloween Theme table centres. Around the room are complementary Halloween theme props, such as suits of armour, headless ghosts, medieval gibbet tree, skeletons and skulls amid the town of Amityville.

A Selection of Our Halloween Party Theme Props

  • Beware - Enter At Your Own Risk - Entrance Sign
  • Large creaking walk through front door
  • Giant sized stone gargoyles
  • Carved Pumpkin with lit candle walkways
  • Macabre floor standing candelabra with church candles
  • Guillotine, stocks and stone benches
  • Cemetery with tombstones, graveyard angel guardian statues and zombies
  • Witchcraft books, coffins, headstones, scythes, skulls and tools of torture
  • Spooky ghost projections on the big screen with laser special effects
  • Cobweb covered candelabra, silk flames and glow bats and spiders
  • Psycho old lady in rocking chair
  • Witches cauldron complete with glowing fire and dry ice
  • Special effects
  • Shining door with axe
  • Signpost directing the way to Sleepy Hollow, Amityville and Transylvania
  • Spine chilling spooky visual and sound special effects
  • Table centres where hands appear to be reaching out of their graves, or perhaps skeletons trying to escape from their clanking rusty chains
  • Funereal room dressing and theming
  • Black star cloth night sky
  • LED Dance Floor with Halloween images

A Selection of our Halloween Themed Party Entertainment

  • Professional Make up Artistes
  • Various frightening and spooky apparitions / special effects
  • Scary Black Cab with Spooky Driver Photo Booth
  • Suspended upside down vampire human statues in a living archway
  • Ghostbusters tribute cabaret with Gozer costumed dancers
  • Mr Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Frankenstein, Grim Reaper, Pumpkinhead, Minotaur, Cyclops and other stilt walking creatures
  • Mr Oogie Boogie and Aliens foot walking characters
  • Ice Sculpture Vodka Luge - The Scream, Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire
  • Devilish fire entertainment
  • Tarot Card and Crystal Ball Spooky Witch Fortune Teller
  • Ghostly costumed crystal ball manipulators and jugglers
  • Voodoo witches, wizards, ghouls, mime artistes and vampires
  • Thriller tribute cabaret with dynamic Thriller style dancers - YouTube Video
  • Escapology
  • Mind and tarot readers
  • Army of red Devils dressed in skull-crested armour waving their battle axes and weapons
  • Uncle Fester Plays Doom and Gloom on the Piano
  • Hog Roast
  • Candy Floss / Pop Corn / Toffee Apples
  • Hell's bar
  • Video DVD Disco run by the Undertaker from his pulpit

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