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Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Party Theme

As guests arrive they will be greeted by Satyrs and fawns who will frolic amongst your guests on their bouncy stilts and pretty whispering fairies to serve your drinks and canapes. Here and there will be our forest creatures performing fire, juggling and human statue skills. Poseur tables are covered in white fabric, illuminated from below and tied with ivy. Small displays of nuts and fruits of the forest in fishbowls sit on the poseur tables ready for your guests.

In a corner sits Puck, incredibly cheeky and interactive with your guests. Above in the trees are performers with aerial skills, maybe in hoops, on silks or ropes and perhaps also a string quartet perching on branches. There is amazing lighting flickering forest colours around the reception area, complemented with sounds of the forest.

A huge reveal of the dining room shows a transformation to a forest with 'living trees'. Enchantment is everywhere with close-up artistes entertaining your dinner guests. After dinner, your party guests can be led to the dance floor by our magical costumed artistes.

A Selection of Our Enchanted Forest Party Theme Props

  • Trellis with crawling ivy
  • Grass walkways
  • Room decor of woodland canopies and ceiling transformations
  • Forest gobos and themed lighting
  • Illuminated colour changing poseur tables
  • Selection of trees and bushes with twinkle lights and uplighters
  • Wonderful woodland theme table centres
  • Stone pillars with ivy around dance floor
  • Atmospheric sound and lighting effects

A Selection of our Enchanted Forest Themed Party Entertainment

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