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Egyptian Party Theme

Discover the boy king Tutankhamen's Tomb and Buried Treasure with Howard Carter as your personal guide for your themed party.

Lift the Curse and Return the Mummy! The year is 5,000 BC, 3,000 BC or the 1920's, join Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Goddesses, Kings and Howard Carter for a trip down the Nile to discover the golden age of Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings and be drawn to stories about death, burial and curses. Or explore the pyramids and see the Great Pyramid and Sphinx at Giza. Step back in time to the magical past of Egypt and celebrate Egyptian party style with the Pharaohs.

Egyptian Theme Party Game

Put on your explorer's hat and tie your whip to your trouser belt, Indiana Jones style, make your way through the laser beams crossing over the entrance to the crypt, decipher the code written in Hieroglyphics on the papyrus to find the hidden treasure. The quest is against the clock and you need to find the treasure of the boy king Tutankhamen and make safe escape before the door to the crypt is locked again, but this time forever.

A Selection of Our Egyptian Party Theme Props

  • Pyramid and other regal entrances
  • Sandstone pillars and mantles
  • Giant Obelisks
  • Egyptian pots, rugs and ceramics
  • Candles of all sizes, colours and perfumes
  • Mummy cask (sarcophagus)
  • Silk flame burners
  • Exciting creative bespoke table centres
  • 3D Sphinx and 2D pyramids
  • Sunset, desert and camel backdrops
  • Colourful table linen and chair covers
  • Oasis with palm trees and waterfalls
  • Bedouin camps and tents
  • Egyptian bazaar with selection of pots, baskets, rugs and lanterns

A Selection of our Egyptian Themed Party Entertainment

Be whisked off to the dessert by camel for an exciting Egyptian Themed evening of entertainment

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