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Cruise Ship / Titanic

Cruise Ship / Titanic Party Theme

Our Ship's Captain and his crew are ready to welcome you aboard this very special cruise liner party themed experience. Make your way passed the piles of liner luggage and porters up the gangway to embark upon a journey of your imagination.

As you come aboard you'll hear the music of one of the many bands to entertain you through this cruise. Perhaps you'll be given a flower garland and exotic cocktail by one of the ship's crew whilst they assign your cabin (table) number. Everyone tonight is definitely going to try their utmost to make this the best cruise passage of your life.

The Ballroom is decorated to perfection. including ships railings, colourful bunting, life buoys, Grecian marble statues and grand silver candelabra. In a corner of the room a Mermaid gently plays the harp whilst her Merman stands guard.

Tonight, everyone on this special cruise liner will be dining at the Captain's table and the ship's photographer will be snapping you and your POSH guests. Enjoy your Champagne and the classic cruise desert, Baked Alaska, then watch a first class cabaret performance and dance the night away to one of our live bands and first class disco.

A Selection of Our Cruise Ship / Titanic Party Theme Props

  • Ocean Liner and richly coloured seascape backdrops
  • Life buoys
  • Gangplank / embarkation walkway
  • Old fashioned liner suitcases and trunks
  • Crates, boxes and coils of ropes
  • Ships balustrade and lots of white railings
  • Selection of classic white marble busts and statues
  • Poseur furniture
  • Bright blue skies and idyllic white sand with seagull sound effects
  • Incredible lighting effects
  • Deckchairs and steamers
  • Lifeboats
  • Tall silver captain's table style candelabra
  • Selection of party theme table centres

A Selection of our Cruise Ship / Titanic Themed Party Entertainment

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