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Aston Martin DB5 Bond Car for Hire

1 Stop Events offers a unique selection of vehicles for hire, including this incredible Aston Martin DB5, the most famous of Bond Cars due to originally starring in the James Bond Film Goldfinger in 1964 - which made it the iconinic Bond car ever since with its array of gadgets growing and growing.

Although Fleming, in his book, had James in a DB Mark III, the DB5 was the company's newest model wien the film was being made which lead to a product placement deal being done.

The iconic Aston Martin DB5 has also been used in Thunderball, Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Carisno Royal and Skyfall.

This concourse condition Aston Martin DB5 is available to hire - although of course we have decommissioned the missle launcher, ejector seat, revolving number place and various other Bond accessories for safety reasons.

An original build, this is definitely a care hire licensed to thrill.

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