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Back to School

Back to School Party Theme

Put on that old school uniform, school cap at a slant, half mast tie, cheeky face and don't forget the catapult for this special School's Out for Summer Party Theme.

When you hear the school bell ring, report for school assembly where our comical Headmaster, complete with mortar-board and gown, and Sports Mistress will be checking your names off the school register. But beware, the School Deportment Mistress will be giving out demerits for shirts that need tucking in, chewing gum, hands in pockets and running in the corridors.

After registration and playtime in the school playground, you may make your way to the tuck shop and purchase sweets which can be stored away for a midnight feast in the dormitory. The school photographer is patiently waiting for you to stop fidgeting and comb your hair so he can take your school photo. When he's finished you may go through to dinner.

Dinner tables are decorated with chequered tablecloths and centre pieces made with giant rulers, protractors and pencils sprouting out of pen pots. With the school masters at the top table, you'll have to wait your turn to help yourself from the buffet of school favourite dishes (none of which has Jamie Oliver approval!).

At the end of dinner there might be a school quiz with fabulous prizes, or perhaps our Cheeky Chappie Comedian with Schoolboy humour. OR maybe the annual school play production?

A Selection of Our Back to School Party Theme Props

  • Blackboards with coloured chalk
  • Themed table centres
  • Giant lollipops and sweets
  • School Disco, Tuck Shop, Grange Hill and other signs
  • Graffiti walls
  • School Coat Rack
  • The bike shed
  • School sports kit, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, cricket bats and footballs
  • School trophy/awards display case
  • Show and tell
  • School tuck shop
  • Intelligent lighting effects

A Selection of our Back to School Themed Party Entertainment

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