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Austin Powers

Austin Powers Party Theme

Get ready to party with Austin Powers - Yeah Baby Yeah!

As guests arrive they will be greeted by the real "Austin Powers", International Man of Mystery and time traveller, looking for his mojo. "Mini Me" and "Dr Evil are close behind looking distinctly super freaky as they plan world domination.

Your Austin Powers Party Guests will enter a time warp into the 1960's where the deco is funky and psychedelic. Our retro 70's living room has seating comprises giant bean bags, giant shagadelic love bed and multi-coloured cushions. Beautiful Go Go dancers are performing in cages and the ultra violet lighting effects pick out the fluorescent painted groovy and Laugh In style graffiti on their bodies.

Look-a-likes are mingling with your guests. There's Fat Bastard, Dr Evil and an English guy called Nigel talking very quickly in cockney rhyming slang. Looks a bit like Michael Caine - not a lot of people know that.

A Selection of Our Austin Powers Party Theme Props

  • Austin Powers, Fat Bastard, Dr Evil, Foxxy Cleopatra, Mini Me and Michael Caine Lookalikes
  • Ice Sculpture - In shapes of any of the Austin Power Film characters or perhaps the letters LOVE
  • Austin Powers Quick Draw Game
  • Groovy Fun Casino Tables - with personality croupiers in theme costume
  • Bunny girls
  • Austin Powers Pub Quiz
  • Photo Booth
  • Saints or Sinners Party Game
  • Paparazzi
  • 60's and 70's tribute bands
  • Green Screen Photography
  • Go Go Dancers
  • Stilt Walking
  • Shake your Booty Disco as your DJ plays all his 60's favourites on original vinyl

A Selection of our Austin Powers Themed Party Entertainment

  • 1962 Fixed Head E Type Jaguar/Shaguar
  • GIANT illuminated LOVE
  • Various groovy backdrops
  • London street signs
  • Table centres
  • Disco lighting, glow sticks and ultra violet special lighting effects
  • Giant Goldmember "G"
  • Working traffic lights
  • Retro 60's and 70's style table dressing room props
  • Poseur Tables with Union Jacks
  • Lava lamps and bubble tubes
  • Colourful swirling psychedelic lighting effects
  • Neon flashing LED dance floors - choice of black, white, pink and multi-coloured
  • Life sized London telephone box
  • Union Jack flags and bunting
  • Space shuttle and mission control
  • Colourful Illuminated Bar

Testimonial: Your Austin Powers Paparazzi did a magnificent job. He was brilliant! All our guests were thrilled and loved the entertainment

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