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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Party Theme

We can offer either traditional or Tim Burton Style if you are ready to have a story book adventure, with plenty of party surprises, come to life.

Enter the party through our Rabbit Hole (giant slide) and be met by our very own larger than life Mat Hatter talking ten to the dozen. The white rabbit with his giant clock is ushering you through to drinks area as he doesn't want anyone to be late. Choose your reception drink from bottles with "Drink Me" and canapés with "Eat Me" labels. You may grow in size and have to ease your way through our tiny corridors and rooms? Your evening will grow curiouser and curiouser.

Walk through our Enchanted Forest see the large blue caterpillar smoking from his hookah pipe and watch gardeners trying to paint their white roses red. Have a go playing croquet with flamingos with balls of hedgehogs. The King and Queen of Hearts are arguing with Alice. What a to do.

A Selection of Our Alice in Wonderland Party Theme Props

  • Green grass walkway
  • Backdrops and room sets with illusion of growing and shrinking rooms
  • Giant rabbit hole entrance - if the venue allows we can make this into a slide
  • Enchanted forest with giant trees and flowers, topiary trees, water fountains, statues and red and white rose bushes
  • Mad Hatter's tea party table setting
  • Giant mushrooms, playing cards, chess pieces and pocket watch
  • Croquet game with flamingo mallets
  • This Way / That Way Signs
  • Exploding playing card confetti canons
  • Hologram Cheshire cat and grin
  • Miniature and Giant theme props - Drink Me Bottle, Eat Me Cake
  • Giant playing cards
  • Table centres
  • Intelligent lighting with playing card gobos
  • Illuminated forest poseur tables
  • Grass lawns with white picket fencing
  • House of Cards stage set
  • Black and white chequered dance floors
  • Linen Dressing - green and gold table cloths, runners, serviettes, chair covers and chair sashes

A Selection of our Alice in Wonderland Themed Party Entertainment

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