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African Jungle

African Jungle Party Theme

Out of Africa is the perfect theme to recreate a Wedding in Kenya and celebrate an 18th and 21st birthday party celebration. Throw a magnificent successful safari themed party and watch your guests, dressed as explorers, big game hunters, missionaries, warriors, animals and of course Dr Livingstone, roar with delight.

Entering the spirit of the themed party, your guests will arrive underneath a fibre-optic night sky, splendidly decorated with vines. Tarzan, Jane and their animal family will be on hand to take care of your coats (don't expect to see them back again) and hand out specially prepared party jungle juice.

Your guests will have to hack their way through the dense jungle, taking care to avoid the snake pit, lead by their intrepid trackers passed the partly concealed beautiful waterfall. In the background are the constant African drum beats from the restless natives. Could they be protecting the lost city, or perhaps a ruined temple containing clues to an ancient civilisation?

A Selection of Our African Jungle Party Theme Props

  • Animal print chair covers and table linen
  • Various animals and birds, including 3D crocodiles, lions, apes, tigers, birds of paradise party props
  • Wooden bridges with rope slides
  • Exotic plants, vines, palms, flowers and rainforest - watch out for the snakes and creepy crawlies!
  • Water Features - Fully working 'Victoria Falls' with exotic blooms of the Serengeti
  • Jungle trees with swinging monkeys
  • Native village with huts, Zulu shields, warrior spears, bamboo screens, cooking pots and fires
  • Bamboo torch candles, artificial rocks and "human" rocks
  • Mosquito netting
  • Jungle backdrops with night sky sunsets, exotic animals and birds
  • Dr Livingstone's camp with old fashioned gramophone, camping chairs and lanterns
  • Jungle at night lighting and sound effects
  • Lara Croft Temple of Doom Entrance

A Selection of our African Jungle Themed Party Entertainment

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