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1970's Glam Rock

1970's Glam Rock Party Theme

It's all Tommy's Pin Ball Machine Arcade, platform boots, Glam Rock and Boogie Nights.

Our Glam Rock Tribute Bands, fronted by an amazing Elton John sing-a-like, will wow your party guests on the dance floor.

Once your hippie chic and glam rock costume dressed guests have blagged their way passed the themed party security and walked through the Stones Lips shaped arch, background 70's music will welcome the party guests into the room ensuring that hips start moving and feet start twitching!

Our Club MC will entertain your guests through their Glam Rock evening, introducing tribute acts, quizzes and dance performances.

A Selection of Our 1970's Glam Rock Party Theme Props

  • Free standing club entrance
  • Saturday Night Fever Backdrop
  • Starsky and Hutch Backdrop
  • Table Centres with Iconic 70's glitz, glamour and toys
  • Disco infernal flames
  • Flashing Light Boxes
  • Fibre Optic Effects
  • Star Cloth
  • Intelligent Lighting and Gobos
  • Multi coloured Neon flashing dance floor
  • Illuminated Party Bar
  • Inflatable Party Guitars

A Selection of our 1970's Glam Rock Themed Party Entertainment

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