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Firework Candelabra

Firework Candelabra

If you are looking for something completely different, then our Party Table Firework Candelabra will definitely Amaze and Impress your guests at your wedding, celebration, corporate or private event.

These firework fountain candelabra look just like normal stylish silver table candelabra, but they have an exciting secret. Each one has a hidden pyrotechnic. The firework candelabra are connected to a radio controlled system and can be fired on cue.

As your guests sit down for dinner they will just admire our beautiful candelabra but be totally unaware of what's hidden within. The firework candelabra can be dressed with simple or elaborate floral displays. The candle arms may be removed to leave the fountains disguised as a flower arrangement.

At a given cue, which can be the end of a speech, an award presentation, arrival of a guest of honour or perhaps the start of a cabaret show all the candelabra will burst into a 45 second pyrotechnic display of 1 metre tall silver fountains. This display is always greeted with gasps of astonishment and rapturous applause from your guests.

The Table Candelabra Firework Fountain Display is especially formulated for indoor use producing very little smoke and a cool outflow and is manufactured to the highest quality, standard and reliability. The fall out is completely cold. You can choose between table or floor standing units, or a combination:

  • Table firework candelabra available in different heights, suitable for weddings, barmitzvahs, private parties, social gatherings, fund raiser dinners, themed parties and corporate events.

  • Shoulder high floor standing firework candelabra, perfect for complementing the matching table candelabra or as a wedding celebration entrance.

All of our firework candelabra packages include a fully qualified pyrotechnic technician to prepare, set up, fire and dismantle the firework fountain displays.

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