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Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures, Vodka Luges and Ice Creations

Our amazing Master Ice Carvers can make almost anything in ice to suit any occasion from weddings to birthdays, to corporate events, Christmas parties and product launches. Not only that, but our Ice Sculptors can freeze almost anything inside too!

Twisters, made from a regular block of ice, can have anything frozen into them, ie fruit, flowers, jewellery, handbags and shoes. This is a novel way to serve cocktails when traditional luges might be a bit messy. The drink is poured into the top of the ice sculpture and runs down a spiral tube into a cocktail glass at the bottom.

  • Vodka Luge
  • Ice Shot Glasses (they last for about two shots)
  • Table Centre Pieces
  • Drink Trays - filled with crushed ice - perfect to keep bottles and cans cool
  • Ice Buckets
  • Cocktail Servers
  • Ice Spheres (very popular in Japan with serving high quality Whiskey brands)
  • Table Globes - with your choice of centre piece, ie flower, product, advertising, logo.
  • Ice Bar (as wide and long as is required), complete with full colour logo
  • Food dishes, clam shells, tiered display units
  • Masterpieces made from technical drawings in incredible detail

We are able to create bespoke ice creations and vodka luges for any occasion.

Ice Sculpture Lighting
Under lighting is automatically installed to enhance the attraction of your sculpture in a choice of red, white, blue or green.

Pure Ice
All of our sculptures are made from the purest water available. Using only the best reverse osmosis water filtration system, we are able to offer, beautiful, sparkling, crystal clear ice that exceeds the Food Hygiene requirements.

Ice Sculpture Durability
Pure ice lasts longer and shines brighter than ice with impurities. Consequently, all of our sculptures are designed to last in good detail for 4-5 hours. This is long enough for most functions, however, after this time you will still have the shape of the design but the fine detail will have disappeared.

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