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Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah

Barmitzvahs / Batmitzvahs

Your Bar mitzvah / Bat mitzvah has to be different, the best and everyone has to leave your special mitzvah having had an excellent time.

It's natural that your friends, who probably have children the same age as yours, will be making preparations for their Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah celebration at the same time as you.

Yours might be the first party, one in the middle of a group of celebrations or the last party, but one thing and one thing only is important - your son or daughter has to have the best Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah celebration ever and we're the perfect party planning experts to help you achieve this.

First Steps in Engaging a Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah Party Planner

As the planning of your Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah will be over a period of time, possibly one or two years in advance, it's essential that you have a rapport with your Party Planner and your Party Planner understands exactly what you wish to achieve. That's us!

We'll assign you with your own dedicated Party Planning Manager who will be as familiar with your affair as you are. Your dedicated Party Planner will offer sound experienced professional advice for you to make informed decisions.

Achieving your Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah Party Style and Atmosphere

All of our Party Planners understand that the event is yours and not theirs and will work exceptionally hard, with meticulous attention to detail, to achieve the atmosphere and mood you seek for the day.

As we also manage large corporate and themed party events throughout the UK and Europe we have a huge selection of theme props and traditional and unusual entertainment for you to select from.

We'll definitely be able to come up with ideas that are different and new to the market to make your celebration totally unique, whether your event is held at your home, in a marquee, function room, hotel, sporting or historical venue. If you haven't chosen your venue yet, we offer a completely FREE Venue Search Service.

Relax and Enjoy your Son's / Daughter's Celebration

On the day sit back and relax in our safe and reliable hands. All the arrangements will be in place and your dedicated Party Planner Manager will be on site, overseeing set up, rehearsals and the entire proceedings until the final guest has left, to ensure the running order is as it should be.

Your Party Planning Manager will have you in their eyesight at all times and be willing, available and flexible for last minute tweaks and changes. Your Party Planning Manager will work with the catering staff, entertainers, photographers and technical support , to create one smooth event machine team just for you. AND, all of our Party Planners are trained to install confidence in our clients and carry out all their duties in a relaxed and efficient manner.

How much will your Bar mitzvah / Bat mitzvah Party Planner Cost?

The Bar mitzvah / Bat mitzvah Party Planning Fee all depends on what you would like us to do on your behalf, and how much time and travel is involved. We find we can work to most budgets and all fees are quoted up front. There are absolutely never, ever any hidden costs.

As the success of your son's Barmitzvah or daughter's Batmitzvah is just as important to us as it is to you, we totally promise you will never be pressurised into an agreement or service.

To contact one of our friendly dedicated Barmitzvah / Batmitzvah Party Planning Professionals call us now on 01344 752161 or email wow@1stop-events.co.uk.

Call us now on 01344 752161 or email wow@1stop-events.co.uk