Party Planners

Professional Party Planners

Our team's combined years' of experience and working knowledge of producing successful parties is unique. We are a dedicated enthusiastic crew with an innate ability to produce successful events with total client satisfaction.

No matter what your party is celebrating:

We have the ability and creative enthusiasm to know exactly how to make it work and all within your budget.

Our experience in party planning with third party suppliers creates an on site "teamship" convivial atmosphere where everyone pulls out all the stops on behalf of you, the client. Always a win win happy result!

We'll work with you and your venue to ensure we have adequate set up time, changing rooms and all the pre-event arrangements in place before your special party event.

Over the years, we have gained experience of working with a huge variety of venues throughout the UK and rest of Europe. We'll take care of all logistics on your behalf and also advise on food and beverage stock control. We'll do our best on your behalf to be as cost efficient with your budget as possible.