Party Planning

Party Planning

At 1 Stop Events our Event Managers are truly experienced in producing successful parties on behalf of our clients. Careful and meticulous planning produces successful events - without exception!

We have experienced backgrounds from several levels of the party planning events industry. Our experience includes:

Working in House: working within national and international companies as dedicated Event Managers and also PA's reporting to high level board members who have the highest expectations. Working in-house we got to know our colleagues, locally and internationally, understand their expectations, cultures and dietary preferences. Not only that but, being involved in previous events, we could build on history to ensure each new event was even better, more slick and different.

Freelancers and Consultants: in these capacities we have been involved in one way or another in all industry sectors from the motor trade to pharmaceuticals and from national venues to locations around the globe. We've had to adjust quickly to each employer and their brief, get to know their procedures and deliver each time. On many occasion this has been totally satisfying, sometimes exhausting, but always a happy tired.

Party Planner: as dedicated to you and everyone else who finds us through Google and the Internet, word of mouth, and repeat business, we have been able to expand our product knowledge of what clients expect, the latest technology and also, of course, trends in room dressing and world class entertainment. We know to ask 'what would you like' rather than would you like this product 'off the shelf'. Each enquiry is unique and we will give you all the time, advice and attention you require.  Just like your favourite shop you may enter and browse as often as you like, without any obligation, and one day (without hard sell) we'll get to work together.

You're the Client: if you are a party planner, you can benefit from our team's successful track record producing all sizes of corporate events from a small Intimate Dinner Party, Christmas Party, Product Launch, Press Event, Grand Opening Event, Award Ceremony, Charity Fund Raising Event, Themed Party, Landmark Anniversary Celebration to a Road Show Party catering for 1,000+.

If you have a brief and don't know where to begin, just give us a call, and we'll be delighted to chat your project through. Maybe all you need is encouragement and an outsider's opinion that you're on the correct track.

From selecting your venue, to dealing with food & beverage, room dressing and entertainment we're here to support your needs and work either along side, or on your behalf - as you wish.  It's up to you how much or little involvement you would like us to have. This includes pre-event planning, party planning production and post event reconciliation.

We're here to assist, help and advise you to plan and execute the perfect private or corporate party.