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Star Wars Storm Troopers

Star Wars Storm Troopers - Let us Bring the Force to You!

Our incredible Stunt Actors, together with all your favourite Star Wars characters, will bring the film world direct to your event. We can even provide costumes and kit up all of your guests.

As your guests arrive at their Star Wars Themed Party, our Imperial Storm Troopers will check for hidden rebels, droids, smugglers, all with humour and the spirit of party fun. This provides an excellent ice breaker, gets your guests into the Force of the Party and is of course a spectacular photo opportunity.

At a pre-designated point through Dinner, there will be light and sound effects of a space ship battle and asteroid explosions. We can also use pyrotechnics.

The Dark Lord himself (or our special mini me Dwarf Vader) will make his fearsome entrance and demands. If his demands are not met, don't worry, our Jedi Knights will appear from nowhere to fight on your behalf and protect you from the Dark Forces.

Watch an amazing Light Sabre duel as only professional stunt actors can perform, with slick choreography and unbelievable realism. Gasp at the incredible action and try to guess who is going to triumph - not the Dark Forces, surely?!

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