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Roman Gladiator Fighting

Roman Gladiator Fighting

Let our athletic, buff, entertaining and experienced professional stunt actors take you back to the amphitheatre action of the Roman Empire for your Roman Gladiator Themed Party.

With carefully co-ordinated stunt action, involving armour and an arsenal of weaponry, our stunt actor gladiators, condemned criminals and barbarians will fight right in front of your eyes bringing the brutal skills of ancient Roman Arena times to life right before you.

Who will be allowed to live and who will be condemned to die? Each person's fate will lie in the thumbs up or the thumbs down of your cheering and bellowing party crowd.

TESTIMONIAL: Wayne's stunt work and acting today was brilliant. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was very real and Wayne managed the crowd of 23 eight year olds superbly, managing to grab and retain their interest and enthusiasm.

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