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Fighting Knights

Fighting Knights

As well as providing Props, Backdrops and Entertainment for your Medieval Themed Parties and Banquets we can complement any event with trained professional stunt actors, who are truly outstanding in their field of medieval entertainment.

Our Fighting and Jousting Knights have many years' experience of performing throughout the UK and Europe. They have truly mastered the art of thrilling small groups right up to huge crowds.

We encourage you to cheer for our white knight in shining armour, who is fighting to protect a lady's honour, and boo for the Black Knight who doesn't play by the rules.

Gasp as you watch the unmatched speed, dexterity and stamina of our stunt actors in armour and as they stage unbelievable sword fights and hand to hand combat using an array of medieval implements.

If you have the space and the grounds, we can provide Jousting Knights on Horseback.

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