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Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Photography

It's a special celebration and you don't know whether to have Paparazzi photographers, Regular Photographers or a Photo Booth. BUT, if you are celebrating a special event or throwing a themed party why don't you consider our Green Screen Photography?

Green Screen Photography is totally interactive, huge fun and giggles for your guests and, with our on site printing service, full colour images in smart frames are available in minutes to share and take away.

We can turn this:

Into this!

Not only that, but we can also provide:

  • A selection of fun props
  • Professional photographers
  • Portable professional lighting studio
  • A systems operator to edit and print your images
  • Full colour prints of individuals, pairs and groups
  • All inclusive price package with NO hidden extras
  • Images uploaded to our Paparazzi Web Site

Printed photos will be available through your event, in full colour and presented in elegant mounts. The whole process is seamless within minutes.

Call us now on 01344 752161 or email wow@1stop-events.co.uk