Paparazzi Photographers

New York, Fleet Street & Party Theme Paparazzi Photographers

The minute your guests arrive at their glitzy Reception Drinks, Christmas Party, Summer Ball, Awards, Themed, Birthday or other special occasion, they will feel like they have become the true stars they are for the night!

As your guests walk the red carpet they will be captured by our waiting personality Paparazzi looking for minor celebrities and wannabies. These Paparazzi have no mercy and will produce photos post event as evidence of a good time.

Our Paparazzi have a selection of photography styles; paparazzi, traditional and reportage. The choice of style is completely yours, or indeed you may have a combination as you desire to cover your event.

Our Paparazzi are professional performance artistes, dress the part, will wear any costume, fluent in regional and international accents, look the part and definitely act the part! These guys have personality bursting at the seams and have loads of banter and compliments for your guests - their speciality of the Press Pit.

In fact our Paparazzi Photographers are becoming increasingly popular for wedding celebrations too!

Our Personality Paparazzi Photographers capture images on professional camera equipment and will take as many images as they possibly can through your event. Our Photographer Service includes a choice of:

  • Portable studio
  • All images sent to you post event
  • Theme props to make your event the best it can be, ie Hollywood
  • Full colour prints on the night
  • Full colour prints, included within your package or for sale on the night.
  • Austin Powers Paparazzi - can be combined with Austin Powers Disco
  • The photos taken at your event can also be viewed on our Paparazzi Photography website

Testimonial: We had a truly wonderful night thanks to the marvellous Paparazzi you provided. They were brilliant, so easy to talk to and nothing was a problem. They were fantastic at taking people by surprise and were so kind.