Mix and Mingle Artistes

Mix and Mingle / Interactive Artistes

If you're putting your party together and are thinking of mix and mingle performers to entertain your guests on arrivals or through your drinks reception, then look no further.  We have excellent artistes and choreographed entertainers to fit right into your entertainment programme. With spectacular costumes in vibrant colours our professional entertainers will delight your guests with their performances and humour.

Our artistes usually perform within a 3-4 hour period which can cover arrivals, drinks reception, entertainment through dinner (but without disturbing the dinner service) and perhaps until the dancing starts.

Our Interactive Artistes are incredible. Their performances can include any combination of stilt walking, human statue, glow juggling, fire entertainment and angle grinding.  Not only that, but often they can perform two to three sets within their fee giving great value for money!

Human Statues - Surprise your guests with our innovative and themed costumed human statues:

  • Christmas Trees who would like a hug plus Christmas themed characters
  • Gargoyles to greet your guests as they arrive at the country mansion or Gotham City, to support your Heroes and Villains themed party.
  • Classical 'Roman statues' to intermingle with the regular decoration, perhaps on board the Titanic
  • "Oscars" for your Hollywood themed Awards event
  • Stupid Cupids for Weddings

Stilt Walkers - From slick and sexy club gear, to highly involved animatronic creations to suit all celebratory occasions. Our talented stilt walking performers are both energetic and daring who can also provide traditional characters.

  • Stilt walking characters are ideal for family fun days, themed party events and meet and greet. They can also dress a stage for an awards evening or really get the party going dancing on the dance floor. Our hardworking seamstresses create new costumes on a regular basis.
  • As well as traditional characters, we offer a selection of animals, ie giraffes, gorillas in the mist, horses and a herd of beasts.

Fire Entertainers

  • Why not have red leather clad female entertainers meet and greet your guests as they arrive at their Bond or Heaven and Hell themed event.
  • How about a pair of artistes performing Angle Grinding? This spectacular stage show sends showers of carefully guided sparks into the air - quite a show stopper on the stage or dance floor.