Fire Entertainers

Fire Entertainers - Interactive Performers

Best Value for Spend! When you engage one of our Fire Entertainers you might get up to three acts for your event (each with its own costume change).

Our Fire Interactives are proficient in the following performance skills:

  • Foot Characters
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Human Statues
  • Choreographed Fire Routines
  • Angle Grinding
  • Human Statue

Our performers generally offer meet and greet (arriving at least an hour before your guests) plus two other performances; one perhaps between your dinner main course and dessert and the other at the end of the meal to start the dancing works really well.

You may choose any combination of acts, ie Fire Entertainment, Stilt Walker, Human Statue, Foot Character, Grand Finale choreographed fire routine or Angle Grinding and of course we have a HUGE choice of wardrobe themed and colour costumes to suit the event you are planning.