Camel Rides

Camel Rides, Camel Racing, Camel Polo and Camel Trekking

One hump or two?  Choose from our Dromedarie and Bactrian Camels. These ships of the desert are incredibly popular for:

  • Themed Events
  • Wedding Parties
  • Team Building Races
  • Polo Racing
  • Trekking
  • Camels at Christmas

We're incredibly conscious of Health and Safety requirements and will provide all the correct equipment for your event. This includes anti-bacterial hand gel, mounting block and safety harnesses on the camels. All of our handlers can wear Arab style costumes, or attire to suit your event.

Our camels are excellent for many themes including:

When we produce Camel Racing events we provide specially trained camels and jockeys in colourful Arabian style outfits to add that special element to your party. We also provide a roped off area for the racing track and PA system for the commentary. You'll find the louder your guests cheer, the faster the camels will race!