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Feedback Questionnaires

Feedback Questionnaires

To complete or not to complete - that is the Questionnaire

Conference feedback questionnaires / evaluations from attending conference delegates, speakers and presenters can be invaluable for planning future and/or regular conference events. If pertinent questions are asked, the answers can give a qualitative measure of every element of your conference.

If you constantly strive for perfection, delegate and speaker satisfaction then your feedback results can be an invaluable tool to plan your future conference and team building events.

The design of your feedback questionnaire should be designed to elicit quick and easy responses, whilst at the same time permitting a detailed reply.

  • On line
  • By email
  • Hard copy
  • Interactive equipment on site
  • Apps
  • Bribery - offer discounts for your next event
  • KISS always works - Keep It Simple and Short

Being able to quote positive feedback from previous events is the best form of marketing.

It is our 100% dedicated intention, when producing conferences, that all who have attended will leave with a lasting memory of how successful, educational and stimulating your event was.

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