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Delegate Management

Delegate Management

Professional Delegate Management from the Conference Planning Professionals.

You are planning your conference which either has in-house non fee paying employees/delegates, or attracting fee paying professionals to attend. You've sent out the invitations by email or set up an on-line registration service. When the responses start coming in you will have to manage your delegates. Just take a look at some of the services included in our Delegate Management Service:

  • Our professional event managers can be a direct point of contact for your Delegates pre-event for any enquiries they may have via phone, email or web communication.

  • A bespoke database will be created (not a one size fits all) to collate all your delegate information. That way we can run off any report at any time for any statistics you may require.

  • We will collate useful delegate information, ie venue brochures, local attractions, dress code, complimentary transfers.

  • We will send out any pre-conference communication to all delegates, speakers, media, exhibitors and any other attendees so everyone is informed and has excellent lines of communication at all times.

  • Our smart presentable professional on site staff will welcome your delegates at the Welcome / Registration Desk and be on site throughout your event available for assistance and enquiries.

  • We will ensure that your delegates have up to date copies of the event Agenda, know where they have to be, when and get them there on time.

  • At the end of your event or post-event we'll coordinate feedback information on your behalf.

In fact we've spent so many years getting delegates from A to B, that we are fully aware of all their little foibles, last minute requests to change flights and never, without fail, ever get flustered or come across a challenge we can't meet.

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