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Types Of Conferences Explained

Types Of Conferences Explained

Not sure what to call your Conference? Need to know how one conference differs from another? Then here's our Glossary on Types of Conferences Explained especially for you.

Colloquium - A Colloquium is intended to cover current issues through preparatory study, with the fusion of a traditional conference. This is designed for an agenda to be discussed, ideas exchanged and to lend the meeting to a debate; usually targetting academics.

Convention - A Convention is simply a large assembly of delegates with common interests; for example a specific trade, manufacturers of a particular product or political party.

Meeting - A Meeting is a group of people getting together for a formal discussion on a specific subject or for a particular purpose. This can be for a corporate, social, business or religious group.

Roundtable - As with tales of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, the seating arrangements is without a 'head of the table' so that each participant has a right to take to the floor on equal terms.

Seminars - A Seminar is a study, usually intended for smaller groups, with the intention to hold regular meetings to discuss a particular subject usually linked to research, where each participant is expected to make a contribution.

Symposium - What a lovely word that confuses many. A Symposium derives from ancient Greece where a serious meeting would be followed by dinner, wine and convivial open discussions. How civilised!

Teleconference - As the meaning of 'tele' is 'over a distance' infers, with today's advances in technology a teleconference can be held amongst a few or several people in different locations all over the world. Current smart equipment enables Video, Computer and Audio channels.

Workshop - A typical Workshop is where a group of experts in their field meet up to explore a particular subject, or develop a proficiency or technique - for example leadership skills

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